Cupping: A luxury?

Today I got cupping done. It hurt and I knew it would make things better so it was really worth it. I saw a medical massage therapist who does cupping.

This is a real thing in case you don’t know: if you need a massage or bodywork done and you have a chronic condition or disability or something else that you need help with I totally recommend medical massage therapists! They specifically work with people who have stuff going on—whether that’s a chronic condition or post-surgery or whatever is specific to you. Check with your doctor and ask for recommendations!

Because we moved right at the beginning of the pandemic, I didn’t have a lot of bodywork done for months and then I found a chiropractor who referred me to this therapist. So I really needed it, as you can tell by how intense the cupping marks are! And yes, sometimes (really important!) self care hurts!

She was great and kept talking about how for me, a massage is not a luxury but a necessity.

On the one hand, I loved that she was normalizing this for me—it’s not indulgent, selfish, etc. to take care of myself. These are things I do think sometimes! I feel guilty for needing more support and care than others who don’t have these kinds of conditions. So it’s great to hear that I’m not just being indulgent (although that’s not always bad—everyone can probably benefit from more massages in their lives whatever their health status!).

But on the other hand, it really is a luxury to have access to bodywork, especially because insurance doesn’t cover this type of service (although health insurance is also a luxury in this country—as messed up as that is). I am so lucky to have had this opportunity today.  A few years ago I would never have had the time or the money to be able to take care of myself in this way. I feel so lucky that now, today, I could.

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