cropped-20170521_124002_hdr.jpgThis blog is to help me be honest with myself and others about what it means to have OCD, anxiety, migraines, and a chronic physical condition. I’m here to share what I know and feel with others who may relate. Please comment and share!

I live in the Northern United States but grew up in Texas. I love my lavender heating pad, tea of all types, and staying indoors when it’s cold.

I love to travel and as a graduate student in Anthropology and Asian Studies I’ve spent a lot of time in India. Although I’m a teacher and enjoy teaching, this blog is more about sharing than teaching you how to live.

All of this is copyrighted.  This blog post is a discussion of my personal experiences and not meant to serve as professional, medical or legal advice. I am not responsible for any losses, damages, or injuries that result from doing or not doing anything I share on this blog.

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