Celebrate International OCD Week by Writing Your Representatives!

https://www.congressweb.com/CongressWeb/js/jquery.congressweb.iframe.js $cweb(function(){ $cweb('#congressweb-websticker-1').congressweb({ url : 'https://www.congressweb.com/IOCDF/TakeAction/oneAction/lettergroupid/1', responsive : true, isWebsticker : true }); }); Join me and write to your representative today on these really important bills that improve our access to treatment!

What Does It Mean to Choose Surgery?

I recently came across a post from someone with scoliosis that said she “rejected spinal surgery and became a yoga teacher instead.” I don’t know her specific situation—especially the degree of her curve(s) but the idea that this is a choice that people with scoliosis can make feels dangerous to me. I know that many … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Choose Surgery?