Making Disability Visible

So Disability Pride Month ended yesterday. I didn’t even realize it had begun. I did realize that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was celebrating its 30th birthday because I did too this year. Disability Pride Month is an annual celebration that Americans with disabilities have at least some rights now. In theory, I’ve always … Continue reading Making Disability Visible

Spinal Deformation in The Witcher

A couple of years ago my husband got very into The Witcher video game, books, and the card game Gwent. Eventually, he convinced me to play The Witcher video game with him, which I enjoyed very much even if all of the different monsters and provinces started to blur. So when Netflix spent millions on … Continue reading Spinal Deformation in The Witcher

My Virtual Support for the Protests Against Systemic Racism

I had not meant to delay my response this long but family and other stress provoked a migraine that has persisted for over a week. However, I do not want to be silent about racial injustice and discrimination in the U.S. now or ever. As a disabled, white American woman, I still have an immense … Continue reading My Virtual Support for the Protests Against Systemic Racism