Good Pain Vs. Bad Pain

I think most people with chronic pain are familiar with this concept, but maybe you haven’t articulated it. When I started doing Pilates and experimenting with different types of bodywork, like acupuncture, chiropractic work, cupping, electrical stem, gua sha, etc., I started to really clarify this point for myself and my practitioners and trainers. Good … Continue reading Good Pain Vs. Bad Pain

My New Pandemic OCD Rituals

OCD means that even when I am exhausted or in pain, sometimes I can’t help but engage in my rituals and obsessive behaviors. In these times, I can find myself washing up the dishes, and then suddenly I’m doing laundry and cleaning all the counters and the toilets and I don’t know exactly how I … Continue reading My New Pandemic OCD Rituals

Why Do We Feel the Need to Be “New” and “Improved” at the New Year?

Why do we need to be different? Everywhere this time of year there are advertisements for New Year’s resolutions that will change you: make you better, make you different, make you a new you for the new year. Why do we want that? Why are we so unhappy with who we are? Can we improve … Continue reading Why Do We Feel the Need to Be “New” and “Improved” at the New Year?